As the old meets the new, how can traditional banks ensure compliance in the world of fintech?

It’s essential that customers of financial institutions save themselves time, find ways to be more efficient and convenient, but also feel entirely secure. This demand has seen a need for faster adoption of new technologies such as fintech, in order to satisfy their customer base. With the pressure being put onto heavily regulated traditional banks, […]

The power of blockchain and how it’s only just getting started

Since the launch of Bitcoin, back in 2009, we have had proof that blockchain has the power to significantly impact a number of industries. It showed that a digital distributed ledger works in practice, not just in theory. Since then, businesses all over the world have been exploring how blockchain can work for them. Savvy […]

How the fusing of finance and technology has changed the world

The rise of financial technology (fintech) may seem to be a rapid one. For those outside of the sector it appeared that, out of the blue, we suddenly had new ways of processing payments, investing in stocks, as well as challenger banks to sign up with. It’s like we’ve almost seen it evolve before our […]

How investing in fintech is joining the fight for good

Having seen an exponential rise in the number of fintech companies that exist, these are now becoming the go-to institutions for those seeking access to financial products. Certainly, when looking at some of the most developed nations, such as the US and the UK, almost all financial institutions have made the switch to operating online […]

A history of blockchain: the rise from complete unknown to world-changing technology

It’s quite possible that you’d never even heard of blockchain even a decade ago. There is little doubt that this technology is one of the greatest innovations that the world has seen. While it is perhaps most recognised for the role that it plays with cryptocurrency, the uses of blockchain technology have spread far beyond […]

How fintech is leading the change in relationships between consumers and banks

The traditional banking system was, for far too long, the only option open to consumers and businesses. With no form of competition, apart from against each other, the banking system had a complete monopoly. With this monopoly, a couple of things crept in: complacency and laziness. Banks didn’t need to try and please customers as […]

How fintech and blockchain present some of the greatest investment opportunities

While the title of this article may sound a little on the bold side, we truly hold the belief that the revolution unfolding before our eyes is one of the very best opportunities that has ever existed. Right now, investors are hooked on the idea of fintech and blockchain. As we go through, you’ll soon […]

Blockchain in business – are you ready for the revolution?

Blockchain has received some serious attention over the last decade. Having first appeared when a certain ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ published a paper entitled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. Of course, here the focus was all on Bitcoin, with blockchain being the vital element to take the cryptocurrency from concept to success. While Bitcoin has moved […]