The Nukkleus

Our portfolio comprises an ecosystem of leading blockchain and digital asset brands.

Nukkleus Technology

Nukkleus Tech is an advanced trading technology platform for dealing and risk management with global liquidity and customizable leveraging.

Customers have control over their trading quote and liquidity strategies. A fully customizable White Label trading platform, XW Trader, XW Trader Mobile built for Traders On-The-Go. 


Digiclear provides real-time off chain settlement of digital assets with simultaneous delivery versus payment (DVP) netting. Thereby ensuring transactions can be settled without the requirement to use the blockchain unless required.

Digiclear brings digital assets to institutional capital through a utility platform as well as using Hardware Security Modules (“HSM”) to secure client assets at all times. The process of securely moving assets is fully automated, monitored and is processed within milliseconds. Digiclear safekeeping policies enforce limits on the maximum amount of assets held in any account.

Digital RFQ

DRFQ is Europe’s leading digital asset execution service providing global counterparts with unique access to global liquidity and a suite of institutional products and services.

Cross border payments and transactions for forward-thinking institutional investors. Offering blockchain-enabled financial services solutions that are secure, compliant, and globally accessible. Offering crypto enabled payments and transfers as well as digital asset trading and brokerage. Managed through one simple platform, DRFQ provides faster, cheaper and cleaner global transfers of fiat, cryptocurrencies or digital assets.


Jacobi Asset Management

Jacobi Asset Management are the issuer of Europe’s first regulated and approved Bitcoin Spot ETF. The Jacobi Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund is the only fully approved and regulated Bitcoin ETF launched with tier 1 firms. As an open ended ETF, it offers the simplest and safest place for institutional, professional and sophisticated investors to access Bitcoin.

Digital assets and cryptocurrency can now become a part of diverse investment portfolios through a safe and secure equity-like product. Removing the inconvenience of sourcing, securing and storing Bitcoin.