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  • Polygon and Nukkleus to support Bollant Industries, revolutioniz-ing municipal waste recycling

Polygon and Nukkleus to support Bollant Industries, revolutioniz-ing municipal waste recycling

NEW YORK and HYDERABAD, IndiaSept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crypto payments specialist Nukkleus Inc (OTC: NUKK),  will work in collaboration with Polygon and Grassroots Economics to deliver a Blockchain community grant to Bollant Industries in Hyderabad, India. The grant will support the development of a blockchain solution to improve the waste management supply chain.

Nukkleus is a digital asset business with multi-asset technology dedicated to driving sustainable ESG initiatives that also deliver ongoing profitability. Nukkleus is bringing together the thought leaders from the crypto landscape to back blockchain projects that will support fully democratized payment systems, empowering communities and reducing the digital divide.

Bollant Industries manufacture biodegradable products, packaging solutions, and eco-friendly paper. They supply materials such as adhesives, home-care products, printing inks and organic cutlery-ware. Founded by Srikanth Bolla, born visually impaired, Bollant has built success through sustainability initiatives and now employs nearly 200 differently-abled people within local communities.

The Bollant Industries initiative is one of many projects helping to reduce environmental impact globally. This initiative has the added benefit of helping impoverished communities to accumulate economic independence.

Erin Grover, Head of Emerging Markets at Digital RFQ Limited (part of Nukkleus Inc) commented: “Polygon will be providing a grant to Bollant Industries. This generous act is a refreshing reminder of the blockchain philosophy of financial inclusion. We look forward to many more industry leaders following in their footsteps as we develop a global network of democratized payment solutions for communities that are ready to adopt crypto.”

Polygon, founded in India, reaching a $14B market cap (source: CoinMarketCap, Fully Diluted), has had a long-standing vision to build a world in which communities thrive, unconstrained by national borders and regulations. Polygon has been making crypto payments affordable and accessible to communities all over the world.

Polygon’s successful focus on ESG projects powered by blockchain technology has been enabled by its high speed and low cost (nominal gas fees) transaction capabilities, with many successful entrepreneurs now realizing the true value and reason for blockchain technology. Polygon’s technology has recently received accolades from billionaire entrepreneur and investor, Mark Cuban, who said while speaking at a recent DeFi Summit virtual conference“Now, because of what’s going on with Polygon, where they’re getting so much momentum, it’s going to be hard to catch up.”

Grassroots Economics Founder Will Ruddick, a leading expert in community inclusion coins and economics commented: “Through the issuance of blockchain tokens backed by their social enterprise’s future production, Bollant is destined to be the beacon of local sustainable economy.”

For further information: https://nukk.com/

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About Nukkleus

Nukkleus, Inc. (OTCMKTS: NUKK) combines its world-class technology with institutional digital asset and exchange execution services, giving Nukkleus the full-service offerings needed to compete effectively in the multi-asset world. Nukkleus is a digital financial services company with a suite of financial technologies to provide institutional counterparts with unique access to global liquidity and a comprehensive suite of products and services. Our technology delivers institutional-grade access to traditional and digital asset markets globally along with a UK FCA registered EMD agent for handling of professional and accredited client funds and conducting cryptocurrency conversion into fiat currencies.

About Polygon

Polygon, formerly Matic Network, is an Ethereum token (MATIC) that powers the Polygon Network, a scaling solution for Ethereum. Polygon aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum using Layer 2 sidechains, which are blockchains that run alongside the Ethereum main chain. Users can deposit Ethereum tokens to a Polygon smart contract, interact with them within Polygon, and then later withdraw them back to the Ethereum main chain. The MATIC token is used to pay transaction fees and participate in proof-of-stake consensus.

About Grassroots Economics

Grassroots Economics is a non-profit foundation that seeks to empower marginalized communities to take charge of their own livelihoods and economic future, with a focus on community development through economic empowerment, basic income and community currency programs. Beneficiaries include small businesses and people living in informal settlements as well as rural areas in Kenya and Cameroon.

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