Our Strategy: first-mover advantage in creating a global fintech aggregation and consolidation platform

Nukkleus Inc. was created to capitalize on the opportunities in the broader fintech sector:

  • Fragmented sector across both geographies and product
  • Lack of scale and economies of scale
  • Duplicate technology and support backbones
  • Duplicate licensing and regulatory capital requirements
  • Lack of tax optimization and low cost operational base
  • Need for new technologies in online client acquisition and online product development
  • Lack of value accretive opportunities in the mainstream financials sector

Nukkleus provides:

  • First-mover advantage in aggregation and consolidation
  • A listed fintech investment vehicle ready to facilitate consolidation
  • Deep technological and support backbones
  • Optimal regulatory licensing setup with unique jurisdictional coverage
  • Optimal regulatory capital allocation and utilization
  • Experienced management comprised of industry veterans with experience in both operational delivery, as well as, fintech sector capital markets and venture capital transactions